winter mutiny dubs

winter mutiny dubs is developing a techno sound influenced by 70s dub and reggae, taking as a point of departure original 45 records & digging through those old productions for sonic lessons from the psychedelically accelerated future producers of the past, finding new directions and techniques for experimentation. this music is loose, noisy and unpredictable; it evokes live sessions with mixing board and analog delay more than calculated compositions with sequencers and drum machines.


[wmd_11] meditation versions

full length wintermutiny album, a track-by-track remix of Meditation Dub, Vol. 1 by Winston Riley & Roots Radics.

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01 - Born to Love (wintermutiny dub)

02 - Purify (wintermutiny dub)

03 - Gambling (wintermutiny dub)

04 - In the Mood (wintermutiny dub)

05 - I'll Be Waiting (wintermutiny dub)

06 - Side A Runout (wintermutiny dub)

07 - Man of My Word (wintermutiny dub)

08 - Find a Fool (wintermutiny dub)

09 - Fish Mouth (wintermutiny dub)

10 - Marry Me (wintermutiny dub)

11 - Stalag (wintermutiny dub)

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  1. Sorry it took a while for me to take a listen-I'm really enjoying these!